Splash – One Step Class (October 30, 2011)

Full descriptions coming soon, but here’s what we did:

Walking Hand in Hand, with Turns, Free Spins, and Rollaways

Walking in Closed Position

Ways Out of Closed Position: He Goes, Cross Body Lead, Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn

Lead’s Wrap from Two Hands, Unwrap, Sweep Around

Follow’s Cradle In: Simple Unwrap, Unwrap and Turn, Unwind, Unwind and Turn

Cradle Wheel

Dishrags from Two Hands: One Turns One Way (CW or CCW), One Turns Opposite Way to Get Out, or Sunburst

Shadow Position (He Goes In, or Any Other Way In)

Shadow Position Illusion Turn

Shadow Wheel

Polka Gallops Sideways

Polka Triple Steps Forward

Polka Triple Steps with Follow’s Turn

Turning Polka

For one step practice music, see Dancing Tunes – One Step.

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