Waltz (Box Step Waltz)

NEW: Videos of cha cha variations can be found at: libraryofdance.org/dances/box-waltz

A collection of contemporary box step waltz figures.

Stationary Box Step Waltz

  • Basic Box Step
  • Turning Box (CCW)
  • Quarter Turning Box (CCW)
  • Outside Turn on 4-5-6, Back to Box on 4-5-6
  • Single Twinkle
  • Triple Twinkle (Lead Cross Back on Second Cross)

Traveling Box Step Waltz

  • Traveling Box (Straight)
  • Traveling Box (Serpentine) (a.k.a. Back Zig Zag)
  • Waltz Walk (Optional Outside Turn on 1)
  • Half Turning Box (CCW)


  • Box Step to Cross Step: Loosen Frame and Cross on 4
  • Cross Step to Box Step: Firm Up Frame and Box on 4
  • Box Step to Waltz Walk: Walk on 1
  • Waltz Walk to Box Step: Follow Around on 4-5-6, Box on 1
  • Box Step to Swing Waltz: Side Step on 1
  • Swing Waltz to Box Step: Turn Left and Box on 1

Crossing Out of the Box

Any Cross Step Waltz variation can be inserted into a Box Step Waltz by transitioning to Cross Step Waltz on the second half of a Box Step basic, and returning to Box Step on the second half of the Cross Step basic following the desired Cross Step variation.

For more detailed descriptions of these box step moves, check the Waltz Class Archives and Box Step Class Archives.


For box step waltz music, see Dancing Tunes – Slow Waltz.

Box Step Waltz in Other Times

Box Step Waltz can also be danced in foxtrot (slow-quick-quick) time to Club Two Step and Foxtrot music.


Most variations learned from Joan Walton and Richard Powers.


Know another good box step waltz variation? Share it below!

Want More?

For more detailed instruction in social waltzing, check out Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.

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