Choreographed Dances

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A collection of contemporary choreographed group dances.

Bohemian National Polka

See Richard Powers’ Bohemian National Polka choreography notes.

Congress of Vienna

See the Fezziwig’s Congress of Vienna choreography notes.

Cross Step Waltz Mixer

See Richard Powers’ Cross Step Waltz Mixer choreography notes.

Dawn Mazurka (Russian Mazurka Quadrilles)

See Richard Powers’ Russian Mazurka Quadrilles choreography notes.

Grand Polonaise

See Richard Powers’ Grand Polonaise choreography notes.

Kerry Polka Sets

See Richard Powers’ Kerry Polka Sets choreography notes.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

See a performance of the choreography by Deca-Danse Libre.

Shim Sham

Click here for a description of the choreography.

Tokyo Polka

See a performance of the choreography at Friday Night Waltz.


For choreographed dance music, see Dancing Tunes – Choreographed Dances.