Club Two Step

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A collection of contemporary nightclub two step figures.

Stationary Figures

  • Basic
  • Follow’s Outside (Spot) Turn
  • Lead’s Outside (Spot) Turn
  • Spot Turns with Tango Sweeps
  • Follow’s Inside Turn on Second Half of Basic
  • Flip Flops (Fallaway Breaks)
  • Follow’s Outside Turn to Flip Flops
  • Flip Flops to Follow’s Outside Turn
  • Follow’s to Lead’s to Follow’s, etc with Half Basic in Between
  • Spot Rollaways (Two Hands)*
  • Chained Outside Turns (Follow’s Right, then Lead’s Right), Odd Number to Flip Flops
  • Chained Inside Turns (Starting with Lead’s Right Hand)
  • Chained Outside Turns (Right to Right the Whole Time)
  • Chained Inside Turns (Left to Left the Whole Time)
  • Mixed Chained Turns (Keep Right to Left for Follow’s Inside and Lead’s Outside)
  • Mixed Chained Turns (Keep Left to Right for Follow’s Outside and Lead’s Inside)
  • Dishrag to Sunburst*
  • Chained Dishrags (Eight Possibilities)*
  • Left Dishrag to Right Side Pass*
  • Sweetheart on Bar 2 (In and Out)
  • Sweetheart to Follow’s Outside Turn
  • Pretzel (Lead’s Left, Walk Back on Second Bar)*

Traveling Figures

  • CW Half Turn (Lead In Front, Step, Step, Cross, Step, Rock)
  • CCW Half-Turn (Follow In Front)
  • CCW Half Turn with Follow’s Inside Turn
  • CCW Half Turn with Follow’s Inside Turn (Free Spin Elbow Catch)
  • Cross Over, Side Step, Step Back, Rock Step, Step Forward, Rollaway, Step Side
  • He Goes She Goes (from Cross-Step Waltz)
  • Triple Swing (from Cross-Step Waltz)*
  • Other Figures from Cross-Step Waltz

Turning Figures

  • Around the World (Follow’s Spot Turn Around Lead’s Back, Meeting on 4th Side Step)
  • Around the World with Pivaloop on Bar 3
  • Matador Around the World (From Two Hands, Pin Tail on Follow)
  • Matador Around the World with Pivaloop on Bar 3
  • Around the World as the World Turns (Lead Paddles 4 Times CCW with R foot, Rejoins for 4th Side Step)
  • Matador in Front with Turn on Bar 3
  • Lead’s Wrap (Inside Turn) to Leading Right
  • Lead’s Wrap (1) to Wheel (2) to Pivaloop (3)
  • Follow’s Arch Turn (Lead Meets Her on the Other Side)
  • Double Follow’s Arch Turn
  • Triple Follow’s Arch Turn*
  • Quadruple Follow’s Arch Turn*
  • Chained Arch Turn and Lead’s Inside Turn
  • Spin Turn (Rotary Foxtrot)
  • Spin Turn (Bar 1) to Swing Out (Bar 2)
  • Repeated Spin Turn Swing Outs (Old Lindy)
  • Spin Turn to Outside Turn (as in Waltz)
  • Reverse Spin Turn (Reverse Rotary Foxtrot)*
  • Redowa Foxtrot*

Back and Forth Figures

  • Simply Take Right to Right
  • Spot Turn to Right to Right
  • Waist Slide to Right to Right
  • Double Face Loop into Right to Right*
  • Shadow (Right to Right, Lead Switches Rock Step)
  • Simple Exit (Switch Rock Step Again)
  • Shadow to Windows (Switch Rock Step Again)
  • Right to Right to Left Over Right to Windows
  • Right Over Left to Follow’s Turn to Half Basic to Windows
  • Windows (Left Over Right, Like Shadow But Through)
  • Single Left Hand Face Loop Exit from Windows
  • Right Hand Fake Face Loop to Left Hand Face Loop
  • Mixmaster Exit with Sunburst

Swing Out Figures

  • Swing Out (Follow’s Spot Turn to Fall Back)
  • Swing Out to Waist Slide
  • Swing Out to Waist Slide to Follow’s Inside Turn on Second Half*
  • Swing Out to She-Goes He-Goes
  • Swing Out to Inside Turn with Lead’s Cross-Step
  • Cross Body Lead Release to Swing Out
  • Cross Body Lead Release with Follow’s Inside Turn to Pivaloop
  • Loop-de-Loops (Two Hands, Follow Goes First)
  • Waist Slide and Inside Turn Out of Loop-de-Loops*
  • Repeated Waist Slide and Inside Turn*
  • She Goes He Goes Out of Loop-de-Loops*

Swing Figures

Any swing figure can be inserted into club two step by starting in swing out position and walking four SQQS steps through the figure, and ending with a QQ rockstep facing each other. This is easier in waltz swing, where all six steps are in even timing.

Some swing figures can even be doubled in this time, like:

  • Double Follow’s Arch Turn (Outside Turn)
  • Double Follow’s Loop Turn (Inside Turn)
  • Chained Double Turns*

Creativity in Club Two Step

To put a new spin on old moves, notice that because Club Two Step is a symmetrical dance, most moves can go either way.

To create new moves, break out of the frame, make stuff up for 6 or 12 (or 3 or 9) SQQ steps, then go back to basics.


  • Side (12), Rock Step (3-4)
  • Rock Step (1-2), Side (34)

Related Dances

  • Waltz Swing: Club Two Step in even 1-2-3 waltz timing.
  • Cumbia (Salsa): A bouncy version of club two step, a variation of salsa.

Optional Styling

  • Gently Up on 1 and 3, Down on 2 and 4
  • Cumbia Push Back on 3


In addition to the more obvious transitions between club two step and foxtrot, there is another set of club two step transitions that I find particularly fun. Two of my favorite dances, Schottische and Club Two Step, happen to share the same range of tempos. While some songs are clearly more conducive to one dance or the other, some songs are appropriate for both, allowing for a traveling schottische lane around a stationary mush pot of club two step (pun intended). Here is a set of transitions I made up to elegantly switch from one dance to the other in the middle of a song that works for both.

  • Club Two Step to Schottische (Video): Run Forward Out of Flip Flops, On the Lead’s Right Side, When in Starting Position for Schottische
  • Schottische to Club Two Step (Video): Keep Closed Position After Pivots, Balance Back and Forth in Closed Position, and Clearly Lead a Slow Side Step to Start Club Two Step on Second Half

For more detailed descriptions of these club two step moves, check the Club Two Step Class Archives.


For club two step music, see Dancing Tunes – Club Two Step.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers and Joan Walton. Others made up by Nick and Danielle.


Know another good club two step variation? Share it below!

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