Waltz (Cross Step Waltz)

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A collection of contemporary cross step waltz variations.

Stationary Cross Step Waltz

  • Basic
  • Follower’s Solo (With Both Hands, or One Hand, and Regular Footwork, or Sweeps, or Cross Touches, or Cross Kick-Backs)
  • Counter Crosses
  • Basic Turning Slightly (Usually CW)
  • Toss Across (a.k.a. Flip Flops)
  • Grapevine Underarm Turn
  • Grapevine Free Spin
  • Grapevine Rollaway
  • Shadow Cradle and Unwind

Basic Traveling Cross Step Waltz

  • Zig Zag
  • Cross Swivels (Cross, Step, Cross, Step, Cross, Step)
  • Cross Cha Cha Cha
  • Waltz Walk (Optional Underarm Turn on 4-5-6)
  • Traveling Toss Across
  • Turning Basic
  • Gypsy (No Hands)
  • Orbits
  • Dancing Blind

He Goes She Goes

  • Lead’s Underarm Turn (He Goes, Close Up)
  • He Goes She Goes
    • Inside Turn on Inside Lane, Close Up
    • Inside Turn to Outside Lane, Cross Back LOD
    • Free Spin, Close Up
    • Rollaway, Close Up
    • Pivaloop and Free Spin
    • Pivaloop and Rollaway
    • Pivaloop and Outside Turn
    • Pivaloop Around the World*
    • Pivaloop Around the World (Repeated)*
    • to Shadow Position (No Turns)
    • to Shadow Position (Turn First)
    • Make Stuff Up!
  • Orbits Around the World*
  • Orbits Around the World (Free Spin Version)*

Back Door Figures

Grapevine Figures

  • Grapevine
  • Grapevine Turn
    • Grapevine Outside Turn
    • Grapevine Free Spin
    • Grapevine Rollaway
    • Grapevine Parallel Free Spins
  • Double Grapevine Double Underarm Turn
    • or Choose Two of the Three Turns
    • or Double Parallel Turns
    • or She Turns, then He Does*
    • or Grapevine Rueda
  • Grapevine Inside Turn (“Wrong Hand”)
  • Double Grapevine Double Inside Turn (“Wrong Hand”)
  • Waterfall Grapevine (4) to Inside Turn (1) to Close (4)
  • Waterfall Grapevine (4) to Inside Turn (1) to Tuck Turn (4)

Basic Cradle Figures (In On Count 2)

  • Cradle In on 2, Waltz Walk for 6n, Single Turn Exit on Count 4
  • Cradle In on 2, Waltz Walk for 3+6n, Double Turn Exit on Count 1
  • Chained Inside and Outside Turns (Leading Forward)
  • Magic Wand (Chained Inside and Outside with Left Hand Only)
  • Cradle Wheel (Lead Backing)
  • Cradle Lunge on 4 (Up on 1, Outside Turn Exit on 4)
  • Follow’s Cradle to Lead’s Cradle
  • Cradle Role Reversal*

Other Cradle Figures

  • Inside Turn Wrap into Cradle (1/2 Basic, Lead Around Back)
  • Swing Out to Cradle at Left*
  • Experiment with All Four Ways In (?)

Inside Turns (On Count 2)

  • Inside Turn to Grapevine (see above)
  • Double Inside to Double Outside Turns
  • Backwards Free Spin (Two Hands)
  • Backwards Rollaway (Two Hands)

Traveling Swing Out Figures

  • Swing Out Follower’s Solo (One Handed Follower’s Solo)
  • Traveling Swing Out (With Immediate Close)
  • Traveling Swing Out Zig Zag
  • Traveling Swing Out with Inside Turn (Cross Body Inside Turn)
  • Traveling Swing Out (without Inside Turn) to Any of the Above
  • Traveling Swing Out to Tuck Turn on Outside Lane
    • Follow’s Outside Turn
    • Follow’s Free Spin
    • Rollaway
    • Follow’s Free Spin to Two Pivots Together to Outside Turn

Two Handed Figures

Pivot Figures

  • Single Pivot to Shift Beat (Delays Cross by One Count)
  • Single Pivot with a Turn
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Outside Turn
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Free Spin
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Rollaway
  • Chained Single Pivot Figures
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Outside Turn, Repeat
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Free Spin, Repeat
    • Cross Pivot Pivot Rollaway, Repeat
  • Tripled Single Pivots
  • Tripled Single Pivots with an Extra Pivot Figure at the End
  • Double Pivot (Cross Pivot Pivot Pivot Pivot Step)

Shadow Figures

Role Reversal

Reverse Cross Step Waltz

Cross Step Troika

  • Cross-Step Troika (with Three People)
  • Triangle Trade (Stealing the Lead to Be Your Follow)

Related Dances

  • Cross-Step One-Step (Three Q Steps Against Four)
  • Cross-Step Foxtrot (SQQ Steps in Four)

Creativity Exercises

  • Unique Hold Waltzing
  • Jedi Waltzing
  • Role Reversal/The Mirror
  • Reverse Cross-Step Waltz with Figures

More cross step waltz variations coming soon.


  • Cross Step to Box Step: Firm Up Frame and Box on 4
  • Box Step to Cross Step: Loosen Frame and Cross on 4
  • Cross Step to Swing Waltz: Double Cross In Front on 1 and 3
  • Swing Waltz to Cross Step: Double Cross In Front on 2 and 4
  • Box Step to Cross Step: Loosen Frame and Cross on 4
  • Cross Step to CW Rotary: (1) Walk, Walk, Walk, Rotary, or (2) Cross, Pivot, Pivot, Rotary (3) He Goes on 1, Open Waltz Walk 4, Close Up on 1, Rotary on 4*
  • CW Rotary to Cross Step: (1) Pivot, Pivot, Aim, Cross, (2) He Goes on 1, Open Waltz Walk 4, Close Up on 1, Cross Step on 4*
  • Cross Step to CCW Rotary: Inside Turn in Front on 1, Waltz on 4
  • CCW Rotary to Cross Step: Open Up on 4 and Pivaloop on 1
  • Cross Step to Shadow Position: He Goes on 1 (Turn or No Turn), Outside Turn on 1, Swing Out to Shadow
  • Shadow Position to Cross Step: Outside Turn on 4, Free Spin on 4

For more detailed descriptions of these cross-step waltz variations, see Cross Step Waltz Details, and the Waltz Class Archives.


For cross step waltz music, see Dancing Tunes – Cross Step Waltz.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers and Joan Walton. Others made up by Nick and Danielle.

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For more detailed instruction in social waltzing, check out Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living by Richard Powers and Nick Enge.