Swing (East Coast Swing)

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A collection of contemporary swing figures.

Basic swing moves that can be used in all three kinds of East coast swing (Four Count, Six Count, and Triple Step). These basics are also used in many other dances, and learning in them in swing provides a great foundation for experimentation in those other dances.

Closed Position Figures

  • Basic
  • Turning Basic (Clockwise)
  • Follow’s Underarm Turn (and Back to Place)
  • Lead’s Underarm Turn (and Back to Place)
  • Follow’s Underarm Turn (to Swing Out)
  • Lead’s Underarm Turn (to Swing Out)
  • Waist Slide (to Swing Out)
  • Wheel in Yale (Right Sides Together)
  • Pivots (in Four Count)
  • Foxtrot Pivots (in Six Count, 360°)
  • Foxtrot Pivots (in Six Count, 720°)
  • Cross Body Inside Turn (in Six Count)
  • Tuck Double Underarm Turn (in Four Count)*
  • Back Door Grapevine (in Four Count)*

Swing Out Figures (Lead’s Left to Follow’s Right)

  • Waist Slide
  • Lead’s Underarm Turn
  • Follow’s Inside Turn (Loop Turn)
  • Follow’s Outside Turn (Arch Turn)
  • She Goes, He Goes (Follow’s Loop Turn on 1, Lead’s Underarm Turn on 2, Rock Step)
  • Outside Turn Around the World

Two Handed Figures

  • Butterfly (Turning Basic)
  • Dishrag (Eight Possibilities)
  • Loop-de-Loops (Chained Inside Turns, Lead Starts)
  • Cradle (In and Out)
  • Cradle (In, Single Hand Unwind Out)
  • Cradle In, Wheel Around (in Four Count)
  • Cradle Wheel with Cradle Wrap Loop de Loop Exit
  • Matador Wheel
  • Pretzel (Four Possibilities)
  • Double Face Loop to Right to Right

Right to Right Figures

  • Behind the Back Hand Change (Inside Turn to Outside Turn)
  • Repeated Behind the Back Hand Change
  • Lead’s Underarm Turn Under Right to Right
  • Tunnel
  • Swivels
  • He Goes She Goes (She CCW, He CW)
  • Follow’s Free Spin
  • Tandem Free Spin
  • Face Loop Turn
  • Shadow (a.k.a. Sweetheart, Varsouvienne, Horseshoe, or Cape)
  • Shadow to Windows
  • Mixmaster

Sliding Doors Figures

Role Reversal

  • Role Reversal (in Four Count, Six Count, Triple Step)*

Triple Swing Figures

  • Tuck Outside Turn
  • Tuck Double Outside Turn (in Four and Eight Count)
  • Tuck Free Spin from Right-to-Right
  • Four Count Swing (1-2-3-4)
  • Six Count Swing (12-34-5-6)
  • Triple Swing (1-and-2, 3-and-4, 5-6)
  • Side Step First
  • Rock Step First

Optional Syling

  • Swing Kicks (in Six Count)

For more detailed descriptions of these swing moves, check the Swing Class Archives.

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For four count swing music, see: Dancing Tunes – Street Swing.

For six count swing music, see: Dancing Tunes – East Coast Swing.

For triple step swing music, see: Dancing Tunes – East Coast Swing and Dancing Tunes – Lindy Hop.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers and Joan Walton. Others made up by Nick and Danielle.


Know another good east coast swing move? Share it below!

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