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A collection of contemporary foxtrot (and rumba) figures.

Stationary Figures

  • Basic Box Step (SQQ)
  • Turning Box (CCW)
  • Quarter Turning Box (CCW)
  • Outside Turn on 4-5-6, Back to Box on 4-5-6
  • Extended Box Sideways (QQ-QQ-QQ)
  • Extended Box Backwards (Single Hand, S-QQ, S-QQ)
  • Single Twinkle
  • Triple Twinkle (Lead Cross Back on Second Cross)
  • Foxtrot Molinete (SSQQ, Turns CCW)
  • Box Toss Across (First Half, Side Step, Fallaway, Spot Turn Exit)
  • Box Crossover Breaks (First Half, Side Step, Crossover, Spot Turn Exit)
  • Box Parallel Breaks (First Half, Side Step, Follow Backing Breaks, Spot Turn Exit)
  • Box Parallel Breaks (First Half, Side Step, Lead Backing Breaks, Spot Turn Exit)
  • Outside Turn from Lead Backing to Follow Backing*
  • Inside Turn from Follow Backing to Lead Backing*
  • Side Sways (SSQQ – Side, Replace, Side, Close)
  • Side Sways with Spot Turn on QQ
  • Box to Promenade (After First Half, Cross, or After Second Half, First Foot)
  • Nightclub Foxtrot (and Club Two Step Figures)
    • Around the World, etc

Traveling Figures

  • Traveling Box (Straight) (SQQ)
  • Traveling Box (Serpentine) (a.k.a. Back Zig Zag) (SQQ)
  • Half Turning Box (CCW) (SQQ)
  • Promenade Walk (SQQ)
  • Backing Magic Step (SSQQ)
  • Promenade Magic Step (SSQQ)
  • Follow’s Outside Turn (on SS)
  • Follow’s Free Spin (on SS)
  • Rollaway (on SS)
  • One Pivot (on SS)
  • Continuous Pivots (on SS with QQ Between)
  • Zig Zag
  • Zig Zag with Pivot at Top
  • Zig Zag with Pivot at Top and Reverse Pivot at Bottom
  • Cross Step Foxtrot (and Cross Step Waltz Figures)


  • Foxtrot to Six Count Swing: Magic Step Outside Turn to Rock Step on QQ
  • Six Count Swing to Foxtrot: From Closed Position, Back the Follow on 1
  • Box Step to Cross Step: Loosen Frame and Cross on 4
  • Cross Step to Box Step: Firm Up Frame and Box on 4
  • Box Step Foxtrot to Club Two Step: Side Step on 1
  • Club Two Step to Box Step Foxtrot: Turn Left and Box on 1
  • Cross Step Foxtrot to Club Two Step: Double Cross in Front on 1 and 4
  • Club Two Step to Cross Step Foxtrot: Double Cross in Front on 3 and 1


For foxtrot music, see Dancing Tunes – Foxtrot.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers, Joan Walton, and Morgan and Robynne.


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