Swing (Lindy Hop)

NEW: Videos of Lindy hop variations can be found at: libraryofdance.org/dances/lindy-hop

A collection of contemporary lindy hop figures.

Lindy Circle

  • Lindy Circle
  • Liquid (Continuous Circling, Always Crossing in Front)


  • Simple Release on 5
  • Sling Shot Release (Really Send Her Out on 5)
  • Cha Cha Cross Body Lead (Side Pass)
  • Cha Cha Cross Body Lead (Side Pass) with Inside Turn
  • Tuck Double Outside Turn
  • Tuck Outside Turn to Free Spin
  • Tuck Double Free Spin

Swing Outs

  • Basic Swing Out
  • Lead’s Underarm Turn
  • Follow’s Inside Turn
  • Follow’s Outside Turn
  • Follow’s Outside Free Spin
  • Texas Tommy
  • Catch and Return
  • Cradle Whip (a.k.a. Basket Whip)

Double Rock Step Figures

  • Side Pass (with Optional Catch and Free Spin Exit)
  • She Goes, He Goes (Inside Turn to Waist Slide)
  • She Goes, He Goes (Inside Turn to Underarm Turn)
  • She Goes, She Goes (Inside Turn to Outside Turn)
  • Loop de Loops (Chained Inside Turns, She Goes First)
  • Shadow (a.k.a. Sweetheart, Varsouvienne, Horseshoe, or Cape)
  • Shadow to Windows
  • Mixmaster Exit

Relaxing Groove Steps

  • Stop and Boogie on 5
  • Stop and Boogie Anytime
  • Shake Break (Rock Step, Step, Shake Shake Shake)
  • Charleston Kicks (Simple Exit to Lindy Circle)
  • Charleston Kicks (Outside Turn Exit to Swing Out)
  • Back and Forth Charleston Kicks
  • Swivels
  • Straight Basic (Side by Side Reverse Cha Cha)
  • Promenade (a.k.a. Toss Across, a.k.a. Flip Flops)
  • Follow in Front (Rock, 180° CCW on Triple, Break, 180° CW)
  • Lead in Front (Rock, 180° CW on Triple, Break, 180° CCW)
  • Either in Front to Swing Out (Rock, 180° on Triple, Back Away)
  • Inside Turn on 1st Triple, Side Step for Rest of 8 to Lead’s Right

Optional Styling

  • Follows: Sugar Foot on 1, 2
  • Follows: Step Ball Change into Sugar Foot on 7, 8
  • Free Hand Salute on 1, 2


  • Stop and Boogie, Restart
  • 8-Count to 6-Count: 1) 6 Count Inside Turn from Swing Out or 2) Regular Swing Exits from Closed Position
  • 6-Count to 8-Count: Stop and Boogie in Closed, Side Pass

For swing moves that can be mixed with lindy hop, see Dancing Moves – Swing.


For lindy hop music, see Dancing Tunes – Lindy Hop.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers, Joan Walton, and Carla Heiney. Others collected on the dance floor.


Know another good lindy hop variation? Share it below!

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