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A collection of contemporary merengue figures.


  • Basic (Closed Position)
  • Basic (Two Hands)
  • Basic (One Hand) (Four Possibilities)
  • Basic (Crossed Hands) (Two Possibilities)
  • Basic (No Hands)

Other Basic Steps

  • Side Close
  • Wheel CW
  • Wheel CCW
  • Double Hesitation
  • Side Traveling Double Hesitation

Basic Turns

  • Outside Turn (Eight Possibilities)
  • Inside Turn (Eight Possibilities)
  • Double Turns (Sixteen Possibilities)
  • Dishrag (Eight Possibilities)
  • Barrel Roll (Two Possibilities)
  • Chained Turns or Dishrags

Other Turning Figures

  • Cradles (Four Possibilities)
  • Cradle Exits
    • Unwind (Reverse the Entrance)
    • Unwrap (Roll Off the Low Arm)
    • Double Unwind (Unwind, then Low Hand Turn)
    • Double Unwrap (Unwrap, then Low Hand Turn)
    • Follow’s Inside Turn Out of Lead’s Cradle
  • Shift Between Cradles
  • Matadors (Four Possibilities)
  • Cradle Exits
    • Unwind (Reverse the Entrance)
    • Unwind (Duck Under the Arm)
    • Unwind (Continue to Pretzel)
  • Pretzels (Four Possibilities)
  • Perpetual Pretzel
  • Any of the Above with Wheel in the Middle
  • Around the World (Two for Lead, Two for Follow)

Right to Right Figures

  • Double Face Loop to Right to Right
  • Hand Change Behind the Back
  • Crossed Hand Turns
  • Mixmaster


  • Sunburst (Out of Crossed Hands)
  • Sunburst (Just for Fun)

Latin Street Swing

Optional Styling

  • Latin Hips (Yes, These Are Optional)


Most variations learned from Richard Powers and Joan Walton.


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