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A collection of contemporary tango figures.

Basic Steps

  • Side Step (False Step Corte – S-S)
  • Backing Tango Close (Forward, Forward, Forward, Side, Close – S-S-QQ-S)
  • Molinete (Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Side, Close – S-S-S-S-S-S-QQ-S)
  • Backing Tango Fan (Tango Close with Side Close 90° CCW – S-S-QQ-S)
  • Promenade Tango Fan CW (Forward, Forward, Lead Around, Side-Close 180° CW – S-S-QQ-S)
  • Promenade Tango Fan CCW (Forward, Forward, Follow Around, Side-Close 180° CCW – S-S-QQ-S)
  • False Step Corte Fan (Side, Replace, Forward, Side Close 90° CCW – S-S-QQ-S)
  • Promenade Run (S-S-QQ-S)
  • Promenade Run to Reverse Promenade Run
  • Promenade Run to Anything Starting on Second Foot
  • Promenade Run with Lunge (S-S-QQ-Lunge)
  • Promenade Pivots (S-S-PPPP)
  • Tango Chasse (S-S-QQ-S-S-QQ-S)

Puzzle Steps

  • Three Step Promenade (S-S-S-Reverse)
  • Outside Cortes (Side, Parallel Break, Replace, Side, Side – S-S-S-QQ)
  • Media Luna Mendocina (Four Step Grapevine with Q-Q Sides)
  • Media Luna El Ocho (Three Step Grapevine with S Sweep)
  • Media Luna Porteña (The Hexagon, S-S-S or S-QQ)
  • Media Luna Sanjuanina (Box Step S-QQ)
  • Media Luna Jujeña (Box Step, Crossing on Third Step)
  • Media Luna Puntana (Forward, Side, Close, Rock-Back, Rock-Forward)
  • Rocking Box (Like Puntana, But Rocking in Place, Not Forward)
  • Trapezoid Box (Forward, Side, Close, Back, Replace – S-QQ-S-S)
  • Follow’s Back Ochos (S-QQ, or S-Sweep)
  • Follow’s Front Ochos (Together)
  • Follow’s Front Ochos (Follower’s Solo)

Tango Sequences

Social Tango Mixer (Richard Powers)

With partners, in a circle.

  1. Four Steps LOD in Promenade
  2. Four Steps LOD in Right Yale (Backing, Right Sides Together)
  3. Four Steps Wheel in Right Yale
  4. Four Steps Forward to Next Partner, Rocking Back at End

More tango figures coming soon.


For tango music, see Dancing Tunes – Tango.


Most variations learned from Richard Powers. Others made up by Nick and Danielle.


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