Swing (West Coast Swing)

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A collection of contemporary west coast swing figures.

Starter Steps

  • Starter Steps (Triple Swing)
  • Basic Release
  • Inside Turn Release
  • Double Inside Turn Release
  • Tuck Turn Release
  • Double Tuck Turn Release

Six Count Figures

  • Basic Sugar Push
  • Sugar Push with Hand Change
  • Sugar Tuck
  • Sugar Tuck Dishrag
  • Side Pass
  • Side Pass with Inside Turn
  • Right to Right Side Pass
  • Right to Right Side Pass with Inside Turn
  • Inside (Loop) Turn
  • Outside (Arch) Turn
  • He Goes She Goes
  • Tuck Turn (One Hand)
  • Tuck Turn (Two Hands)
  • Follow’s Initiative: Tuck Turn
  • Sunburst Out of Crossed Hands

Eight Count Figures

  • Basic Whip
  • Whip Inside Turn
  • Whip Double Inside Turn
  • Whip Outside Turn
  • Whip Double Outside Turn
  • Whip Parallel Outside Turns
  • Whip Free Spin
  • Follow’s Initiative: Double Free Spin
  • Whip Parallel Free Spins
  • Cradle Whip
  • Cradle Whip from Dishrag
  • Tunnel Whip
  • Texas Tommy Whip
  • Go Home with Her Whip
  • Catch and Return
  • Catch and Cross Body Inside Turn
  • Catch and Cross Body Outside Turn
  • Catch and Return with a Dip
  • Lead’s Cradle Wrap
  • Whip to Right to Right Hands
  • Shoulder Catch (Right to Right, One CW Free Spin)
  • Shoulder Catch (Two CW Free Spins, and Lead Turns CCW)
  • Shoulder Catch (Two CW Underarm Turns)
  • Shoulder Catch (Tandem Turn CW)

Other Figures

  • Freeze Breaks
  • Swivel Walks
  • Ornamented Triple Steps
  • Follow’s Initiative: Inching Around on Free Spin
  • Follow’s Initiative: Surprise Extra Free Spins
  • Follow’s Initiative: The Bam-Bam Move


Most variations learned from Richard Powers.


For west coast swing music, see Dancing Tunes – West Coast Swing.

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